Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rest in Peace, sweet girl

Laura lost her battle with HSA today.   We are all completely devastated.   Rest in Peace Laura, you were loved more than you will ever know.   We will see you again someday on the other side.


  1. So sorry to hear that.

    Suki, who was diagnosed about the same time, sends her best wishes as well, as you grieve your friend.


  2. My condolences go out to you during this difficult time. You did a great job of bringing Laura's situation to our attention and giving her the best quality of life that was possible. Rest in Peace Laura. :(

  3. Sorry to hear about Laura- you did everything you could do as a parent. We got the dreaded news two weeks ago about our boxer. We decided against chemo but it hurts to know we will have him for less time. I'm so happy you had Laura for an extended period. I know you both treasured every minute up until it was her time to cross the rainbow bridge.

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. You did such an amazing job taking care of her and researching a special diet for her. I incorporated a lot of the things you did for Laura for my dog Ty. He was diagnosed at the beginning of August and we're doing our best to strengthen his immune system and spoil him more than he already is. Laura was lucky to have such a good father.
    Take care.

  5. So sorry to hear this. You gave it your best efforts. There is a special place in heaven for people like you.
    I found strength from your blog after my Samson died. I was pulling hard for Laura and you.
    HSA is a cruel, stealth and unbeatable foe.
    It's been 6 months and I am still in deep mourning. Stay strong and surround yourself with compassionate friends.
    Laura's memory will live on through your research of the diet that helped prolong her life.
    My thoughts are with you.
    Best wishes and regards to you in this most terrible time.

  6. Hello,
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  7. So sorry for your loss. My lab, Buddy, was recently diagnosed. Thank you very much for sharing your story. You've been such a great help!

  8. Anon-- sorry about Buddy. Take heart-- my 16 year old dog, Suki, was diagnosed 10 months ago-- given 2 months tops (I said no to surgery and chemo) and although she's had a few obvious bleeds, she's standing in front of me right now, begging for some veggie treats I bought her today.

    So you just never know-- and neither do the vets.

    10 months for a dog is a long time-- especially an old dog.

    And as for Laura's family, I hope you have a peace-filled Christmas.


  9. I am so sorry for your loss of Laura. It is very obvious she meant the world to you. They are our children. My little girl, Molly was just diagnosed and I would like to share what I was fortunate enough to discover. Read the book Dog Cancer: the Holistic Answer. Also research vascustatin which stops production of blood vessels, which kills cancer cells. You can buy it on amazon. Another product is avemar which has also shown great hope in killing cancer cells. Doing a parasite cleanse is important as it is now thought that the pRSites are responsible for most diseases if not all. There is a product called a zapper which kills parasites. Go to Hulda Ckarks site and review. There is a less expensive product which does the same thing called X4EX. These are called Zappers and they kill prasites. If you buy Dr. Steven Eisens book, you can get into his we bite, which has a wealth of information and links to all recommended supplements. I hope this helps those who are still nursing your babies back to health. When our sweet little ones pass on just know you were so blessed to have had them in your life and I truly believe we will all be reunited with those we love which gives me peace and hope. I wish everyone peace and never give up hope. Rest in peace sweet Laura and remember the wonderful love you shared with Laura and this will hopefully sooth your pain. Kim

  10. My dog passed from hemangiosarcoma on Memorial Day 2011. This is, unfortunately, a common type of cancer in dogs. In my research on this form of cancer it appears that the rabies vaccination can be the cause of it. Word to the wise, don't over vaccinate your dog with any of the vaccinations. Research vaccinosis and dogs/cats on the internet. The rabies vaccination has particularly virulent side effects.

  11. I found your blog and it brought back the desperate pursuit to save my 13 yr old Zackie from HSA. We only had six weeks from diagnosis and we tried everything--chemo, frequent transfusions, Yunnan Paiyo(which i think helped)....the pain still leaves a hole in my heart that will never be filled. HSA is the most insideous of cancers...Rest in Peace Laura and be on the lookout for a beautiful Dane named Zack!!!!!

    1. My boston terrier has a large tumor they think they need to do a splenectomy im scared he will die in operation but he most certainly die cause it is very large tumor what are your thoughts. I am sorry for your loss i feel maybe i am letting my best friend down cause money is a problem and this is very expensive this whole situation sucks. Any advice would mean alot thanks

    2. Our Lab was just diagnosed with HSA in his Spleen and Liver. A splenectomy is needed, but he is not a great candidate. We have a couple of days to come to a decision, but for now we are prepping him for surgery by feeding him whole and nutritious meals and putting him an a plethora of Vitamins, Herbs, and pro-biotics including Yunnan Baiyo.

  12. just been diagnosed with HSA been sent home to make Jake comfortable< I am boiling down bone Marrow, feeding him bone marrow, liver , liver puree and found him a holistic healer and acupuncturist, we are all devastated and he is my shadow, he is only 9 but I have had him since a puppy and he has seen me through every struggle.... I am truly in your shoes and they hurt like hell, so sorry for your loss of your darling girl, May they all be at peace somehow, they all deserve the best.

  13. My heart is breaking for all of you who have lost pets to this horrible cancer. How can something so dark and evil grow inside something so bright and beautiful???

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blog about Laura's battle.

    I lost my only child and Drake, my beloved chocolate labby has become my son. He is 9 1/2 years old. 115 pounds of muscle. His coat is deep, dark and shiney. His mind, well, Jr. never did much mentally mature beyond a year. LOL He is still a big ol package of goof ball, dorky love.

    7 days ago Bozo Brain snuck into my girlfriend's dog food bag and had himself and all out binge. He then got the squirts. After 2 days of his stool not really firming up as it should I called our vet. An hour before his appointment he suddenly passed black tarry blood soaked stool. I called my vet and said we are on our way NOW!!! We ran an xray and then an ultrasound..... and then my world stopped.

    Drake is in surgery as I write this, having his spleen along with the 2 tumors that are on it, removed. We have asked the surgeon to euthanize him, while still under, if he finds that the cancer has spread.

    We love him so very much and have been sobbing now for days. He has always come undone when going to the vet...shakes, cries... it is awful. That is why, if it has spread we don't want him sewed back up only to have to bring him back for the eventual.....

    My heart is being ripped from my chest. My dog has cancer. My son... my beloved friend has cancer. How can this happen to such an amazing being?

    Your blog and those who have posted comments is helping me not to start screamming my bloody head off. Thank You.. Thank You.. Thank You for sharing Laura's story with us.

    I am praying right now that a phone call comes that says the cancer hadn't spread. Then I'm on my knees begging that the pathology report comes back as benign.

    I would like to ask you and those reading this... did any of you regret giving the chemo when it was all over??? I'm trying to plan ahead. Rich and I don't want to keep Drake alive for us... only for him - if indeed, there is quality of life druing chemo.

    A warm hug to all of you!!!


    1. Kimberly:

      I'm so sorry about your situation...I know exactly what you're going through! It is so hard to know what to do and everyone around you has an opinion and they're trying to help but you know your baby and you know what's best for him. I wrote a message below about my situation with my baby girl but I won't go into all the details since you can read it later. I just wanted to let you know that I did decide to go ahead with chemo and it isn't what you would expect at all. Missy has not been sick from it at all and she's had it twice so far with 3 more to go. She hasn't wanted to eat a few times but I remedy that by stiring in peanut butter (organic of course) in with chicken or beef or whatever I'm feeding her and she'll eat everything on her plate. I've also spoiled her and started either hand feeding her or feeding her with a fork and sitting with her until she gives me the sign that she's finished which is her nose going straight into the air and not looking at me!

      I just wanted to send you a personal message and let you know that it really does feel hopeless and horrible right now but go with you heart. Do what you feel is right. No one knows him better then you and your vet may not even know what to say or do. The first vet I took Missy to wanted me to put her down immediately and I told him no, then left his office and went to get a second opinion. She's still sitting next to me right now and has been for another 5-6 weeks because I made that choice and she's been doing better in the last 6 weeks then she's done is over a year! Good luck and keep me posted on what you decide either way...I'll say a prayer for you that everything works out the way it's supposed to.


    2. Im sorry for what you went through. Only dog lovers know the beautiful relationship the pure and unconditional love my sweet boy has a large tumor i have no idea what to do. My heart breaks if he goes under the knife he can die if he doesnt he will die. Any thoughts i know this is old news but what happened to drake? what should i do?

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  15. Thank you for sharing your loving story of Laura. As someone who recently faced the possibility of splenic cancer, my heart aches for everyone who faces this with their loving canine companion.

    RIP beautiful girl!

  16. I am so sorry for your loss of Laura and for everyone else on this blog dealing with loss and with this nasty disease! My baby was diagnosed around the end of June first of July...She's a 6 year old Victorian Bulldog that I adopted at a shelter in Florida...She ended up in Florida after being rescued in New Orleans after Katrina. I am trying to gather as much information as I can about the best supplements, diets, medications, etc... I have opted for chemo and she just completed her 2nd round of chemo and (knock on wood) she seems to be doing ok so far...

    I changed her diet to mostly protein with lots of meat and eggs and for the most part only green veggies because I was told that the greens were the best for boosting the immune system. The internest in Indianapolis which is where the chemo is administered said that carrots had starch and sugar so not to giver her a lot of carrots, no potatoes or rice (white or brown). I'm giving her fish oil and a multi-vitamin presently and am looking into other vitamins and supplements that will be benefical. The doctor is Indy also said to add Vitamin C and E, transfer factors, K9 Immunity and Milk Thistle if I wanted to but I don't want to overlap a lot of things because that too can be bad for them.

  17. Sorry for your lost, and so thankful for sharing your story.

    My beautiful black lab, Joost, had his spleen and tumor removed on August 28th, was diagnosed last friday (September 7th) and had his first chemo on monday (September 10th).

    We are doing all we can, thank you for inspiring us.

  18. my jack russell Maddie was just diagnosed with HSA , primary sight in muscle on her shoulder, i have been told this disease is more common in larger dogs, it has already matastisised to her lungs and i have opted the treatment of chemo and radiation. She has gone thru one chemo and 2 radiation sessions. I hope i am doing the right thing as she seems very happy right now. any information from experience would be greatly appreciated and i am so so sorry for your loss

  19. I just want to start off by saying so sorry for loss,
    and thank you for sharing all of this. This has been truely helpful and inspirational to me. My Golden Retriever, Copper, is 9 years old. He collapsed 2 days ago and after rushing him to the vet who in turn told us to go straight to a specialty center, we found a tumor on his heart. Hemangiosarcoma most likely. We just went through with surgery yesterday after doing some ultrasounds and looking for any other tumors (especially the spleen) but it looks as if the heart is the primary one. They told us they were able to remove 95%percent and hearing that number I was looking hopeful, until the surgeon reminded me it's still just a matter of time before it spreads. With Hemangiosarcoma all of the research and posts look bleak and hopeless. Reading the detailed diet you came up with and all the time and effort you put into this has really inspired me. I'm definitely going to give this diet a go (once my vet gives me the go-ahead). So again, I just want to thank you- for showing me that even though the prognosis of hemenagiosarcoma isn't great, there are still ways to try and fight.

  20. I am so very sorry for your loss of Laura and for all the others on here who have commented and are going through the same issues. My husband and I have been dealing with this for the past few weeks with our baby, Nutley. He is 12 years old now and had surgery 2.5 weeks ago to remove his spleen. It had two tumors which turned out to be hemangiosarcoma :(. The surgeon did not see any visible spread to other organs during the surgery but an xray revealed "something" in one of his lungs. The vet said it didn't look like a typical metastis from HSA but he couldn't be sure. For a few weeks, Nutley was doing great (even though healing from surgery). Just in the past few days, he has hind leg weakness. Our regular vet said it's not related to the cancer (that its arthritis or an injury) but we think she's wrong. He's going to a cancer specialist today and then a holistic vet. We want to do everything possible to help long as he isn't in pain. We need experts to help us with these decisions.

    Like the rest of you, we are heartbroken and are trying very hard to live in the moment. We usually don't succeed and spend at least an hour every evening crying.

    Like others have said, I truly believe that our pets go to heaven and will be there waiting for us. To me, if my babies aren't there, that would not be heaven.

    Good luck to everyone. I'm praying for all of us and all of our babies.

  21. My thoughts and prayers are with you --- I have been there. Enjoy every minute with your baby.

  22. Nutley is in our prayers. I completely feel what you are going through. Tears, despair, hope and many prayers.

    Complications due to HSA took my beloved 9-year old boxer, Rocky, earlier this week. He was diagnosed with HSA 4-months ago and we opted to have the tumor and spleen removed followed by 6 treatments of single agent chemo. In addition, we gave him the I'm Yunity (polysaccharide peptide) capsules each day (max dose) and a low carb diet.

    The cancer returned, this time on his liver. We noticed very light colored gums and he could barely stand up, sometimes collapsing in the process. We have him two Yunnan Baiyou capsules to slow the internal bleeding and off to the vet we went.

    We decide to have a second surgery to remove part of the liver and the tumor later that day. He survived the surgery, but 12-hours post-op, the hospital staff took him slowly outside to urinate. After a few minutes, he collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. With a Code 2 specified on the paperwork, they did CPR for 15-minutes and administered stimulant heart meds. They called me at 2 AM and recommended that they stop, as the effort was in vain. The vet believed it was a blood clot, quite common when surgery is done on the liver and spleen. We are completely devastated.

    If we had opted not to do the second surgery, Rocky may have lived days to weeks with periodic blood transfusions, removal of free blood in the abdomen and a lot of Yunnan Baiyao. Note that the dog whose owner maintains this website lived 3-months after the return of HSA.

    If Rocky would have survived the second surgery, then additional tumors would have grown and ruptured probably within 2 to 3 months. Understand additional chemo is not possible, as it can lead to heart failure after 5 or 6 treatments.

    Some advice for you...

    (1) Get the tumor removed the first time around, if possible.
    (2) Chemo is not that effective against HSA, so research it and decide.
    (3) I'm Yunity mushroom capsules appeared to be ineffective in terms of enhancing longevity in our dog. The researchers failed to have a placebo or control group, hence the apparent success in their limited study is probably based on a statistically positive variance on survival rates. It could as well been a negative variance and the findings would have been much different. Sample size was also quite small to draw any statistically correct conclusions. Quite disappointing considering we spent $400/mos on this product alone. It is a black eye on the the University of Pennsylvania veterinary school, as it published statistically incorrect findings to the public.
    (4) Have a lot of Yunnan Baiyou ( on hand, as it can reduce or stop the bleeding. However, the tumor(s) will grow quickly, so this is only a short-term solution.
    (5) Diet has not been shown to reduce longevity after a HSA diagnosis, unlike other cancers. You can reduce carbs and increase protein in your dog's diet, but the kidneys will work harder (not good for old dogs after chemo or those with initial signs of kidney disease.)
    (6) Bond and show a lot of love to your dog after diagnosis and understand that even though he/she may appear completely normal, a day will come in the near future where another ruptured tumor will appear.

    I hope this helps...and many thanks to Laura's owner for having this website. It guided us in our journey since day one.

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    2. I am sorry for your loss only true dog lovers know the unconditional love and the relationship one can have with them. I sit here with my own dilema 3 weeks ago my beautiful boy was diagnosed with a large tumor he needs a splenectomy maybe more. Time is running fast he is in pain i have begun giving him meds. Im scared of surgery but i think its either that or this tumor will rupture very soon. My heart is heavy i have no idea what to do. if i do surgery and he lives a few months then it will have been worth it if he dies then i will be with the what ifs but then again i see him more restless at night and know the pain is beginning to get worse so i am going to operate if he makes it. Any other advice for me?

  23. Let me say that I am so very sorry to hear about Laura. I can tell that you fought very hard for her to survive well. You certainly took excellent care of her and did your very best for her...and Laura knows how much you loved her!

    My German Shepherd, Caesar, who will turn 10 y/o in February, was just recently diagnosed with HSA after an emergency splenectomy. Currently, he is 3 weeks post-op and seems to be doing well. The cancer has not metastasized to the liver or heart. Though I'm certain it will in the future. There is no cure for this insidious asymptomatic disease. Have never been down this road before....with cancer. I've had other Shepherds with DM and epilepsy but not this.

    We have opted not to go the chemotherapy or radiation route. Results are sketchy with this type of cancer and not all dogs do well with that therapy. Ultimately, there is no cure.

    So, as we all persevere to do our very best for our 'furry-kids,' just know that our beloved babies are aware of how much we love them. And we will see them again......

    He and his sister have been raised on a 50/50 raw & kibble diet since they were puppies, so for me, it was a no-brainer to move him to a completely raw diet.
    I'm currently supplementing him with vitamins, minerals and Yunnan Baiyao.
    My decision to go with a raw diet and holistic medicines is predicated on past and present research. This isn't for everyone but I feel it's right for my boy.

  24. To Laura's Dad, thank you for documenting your journey of this nasty and so unfair disease. I am so sorry for your loss, but you did the best you could for her and you will see her again someday.
    Our black lab Gunner was diagnosed with HSA this week, after a few weeks of "spells" where he would get really lethargic, pale gums, deep breathing, etc. and 2 trips to our vet, we ended up at a specialist. On our way there, Gunner had another "spell" and long story short - the abdominal ultrasound revealed major blood in his abdomen, which the Dr. couldn't exactly tell where the blood was coming from so he recommended surgery. He couldn't believe Gunner was still alive and that we were actually there explaining what we've gone through the last few weeks, as most dogs succumb to internal bleeding. So surgery was performed, we waiting there until the Vet came and got us. Gunner's spleen was removed, there was a mass on it and he showed us G's spleen, which was unreal to think that our fur-baby had been surviving with something like this. The mass was slightly bigger than a golf ball - the next thing they would do is send it to pathology and notify us with the results. For days we hoped and prayed it would come back benign, but on Tuesday of this week we were notified that it is HSA. :( So have this healthy dog, who is active and all his bloodwork, x-rays, etc. are "normal" - yet this deadly, silent "thing" is taking his life too soon. So we asked what could we do for him....the Vet said there isn't much you can do, let him be a dog and enjoy our time with him. Diet means nothing (although after reading this blog and comments I am having 2nd thoughts) - we did start him on a human grade chemo treatment yesterday, he will get 1 pill, every other day of "Cyclophosphamide" - I gave him his 1st pill last night and was so nervous. But he is doing well - besides the incision where his surgery was and the numerous stitches, he is active and happy. He will be 9 next Thursday and we plan to have a birthday party with him and his little brother, Remi. Speaking of other "siblings" - how do you deal with the other dogs when your sick pup does pass away? That is was concerns me, while we try to be positive around them, they're smart and you know they sense emotions....I wonder if Remi knows Gunner is sick? This is definitely a trying time, to say the least...and it just seems so unfair. All I know is we'll do all that we can to take care of him, allow him to enjoy his final moments with us (however long that might be) and cherish the memories. Hug your fur-babies tight!

    1. Im sorry about Gunner i know all these post are old but maybe someone here can offer me advice my beautiful 14 boston terrier has a large tumor that alone is horrible. he has a 50/50 without even knowing the specifics like if its on his spleen ect. i was against surgery still am but he is becoming restless at night pain is creeping up on him. any advice i think i may do it either way its not good

  25. I was on holiday 2 weeks ago and my beloved German Shepherd who at the time was 3 days from his 9th birthday suffered a Gastric Torsion. I recognised the symptoms and found a vets close to where I was staying. The vets were brilliant and operated immediately, the operation was a success and his staples come out tomorrow. During the op they decided to also remove his spleen as there was a small lump no larger than the end of a thumb nail. It was sent for analysis and the vet called me yesterday to say my boy has the dreaded HSA. He did say that it is the smallest tumour he has ever removed and he did not see any signs of it having spread to other organs. I am seeing a vet tomorrow to discuss whether or not to proceed with a course of chemo. My heart bleeds for all of you who have lost a beloved pet to this horrible cancer.


  26. Don't know if wooos ever stop in here, hope you are at peace,


  27. I lost my Charlie 17 days after diagnosis. He had surgery to have his spleen removed and part of his liver but his liver was already covered in tumors one which was very large. My heart is broken still and I miss him everyday. We spent thousands trying to save him those 3 weeks but in the end he lost his battle. RIP to all of those who have loved and lost their best friend to this terrible disease.

  28. Thank you for sharing your experience. My beloved Bichon Frises Iris
    was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma November 20, 2015. She is nine years old and has not been sick a day in her life. On the fateful Friday, I
    could see something was wrong and called our veterinarian. After examining her, they sent me immediately to emergency at the MA Veterinary Hospital. To my shock and horror, I was told she was bleeding into her stomach from a ruptured tumor on her spleen. The news kept getting worse. You all know the prediction, a few months of life at best.

    Thankfully, Iris survived the surgery and is home. We are celebrating every day of life.

    I am totally devastated. This little dog is both my dearest friend and my child. I am grieving and heartbroken now, but am trying to stay up for my little girl.

  29. My most beloved, playful, best friend a 14 yr old boston named Oddie has a very large tumor which cant be seen or felt. He has less than a month i am just a server so money is a problem unfortunately. I however plan on trying to maybe have surgery the odds are bad 50%. Chemo would not be an option I have no idea what to do but i dont want him to die of the tumor rupturing any thoughts

  30. My beautiful German Shepherd was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma end of Nov 2014 and had immediate surgery to remove his spleen. He also had an enlarged prostate so he was also neutered. The surgeon said Prince would only live another couple of months because of the weight of the tumor they removed. I refused to accept that and took Prince to a priest at St Francis church (patron saint of animals). My vet advised me to do oral chemo and I reluctantly agreed because it was less harmful than IV chemo. The prognosis was that we would have another 4-6 months to spend with Prince and we would have time to say goodbye. We had to take Prince every 4-6 weeks to get his blood work done to monitor if the cancer was spreading. For 9 months we took him for these regular checkups, and the oncologist called him a "miracle" dog because he was beating the odds and appeared normal and strong. I attributed this to my prayers, diet of only organic chicken boiled and given with carrots and parsley and the oral chemo morning and night.
    In Oct 2015, we took him off the oral meds as it was not good to keep him on this medication for so long and we did Xrays and MRIs to find that the tumors had spread near his liver. Again the oncologist gave Prince two months max to live. After some research and checking with the oncologist, we put him on Yunnan Baiyao, 16 ct (1 pill twice a day). He responded very well and was acting like a puppy full of energy again and we could not believe he had a tumor growing in him.
    However, in early February his back legs were getting weaker (we figured it was due to the cold) and he gradually kept getting tired while walking which may have been due to the tumor. On Sat. March 4, 2016 he showed more weakness and was unable to walk up and down the stairs much and gradually lost his appetite. On Thursday, Mar 10 he would not even drink water and I had to force feed him coconut water and water. By Sat Mar 12 he was unable to walk and sat in one place and I tried to force feed him a little bit of Gerber baby food and water because by now he was howling in pain. I knew that was the day he was going to leave me and I called around to see if a Vet would be available for in home euthanasia. Finding no one, we had to put a rug under Prince and carry him to the car and took him to the hospital. His heart beat was slowly fading and the Vet speeded it up with an injection. Although I remained calm and kept talking to him as he was passing, the moment he was gone, I sobbed so hard that I felt my chest tighten.
    We asked for a private cremation and I have him ashes at home. My home is so quiet except for my occasional sobs because as much as I try, it is so hard to move on without a dog who was so human like and loved me unconditionally to the point that he would not eat unless I was around. The bond that I shared with this special fur kid can never be replaced and I know that only those who have had fur kids will relate.
    My prayers are for Oddie and you as you go through this horrible period. But please stay positive around Oddie because they feed off their human friend's energy.

  31. My long post was to give some guidance on what we went through and gave Prince almost 18 months more of life. Only his last week or so were low quality

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