Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Terrible Diagnosis

I arrived at the Emergency Vet at 7:30 am.   They had already faxed the diagnosis and blood work over to my regular vet.   The vet showed me the x-rays that were taken over night.   The first few x-rays she showed me looked great.  Her lungs, heart and other vital organs all looked good.  No signs of any tumors.   I thought YES! -- everything was going to be okay.

Then she pulled up the last x-ray.  It showed a huge mass on her spleen.  The vet said she was bleeding internally and it looked like her spleen had ruptured.   Her stomach was full of blood which is what was causing the anemia.   If she was going to make it though the day she would need a blood transfusion and her spleen would need to be removed.

I got on the phone and called my regular vet.   I told him I would explain when I got there but that Laura needed a blood transfusion and her spleen had to go.  He said bring her right over and he would take care of her.  

The emergency vet went and got Laura and brought her out to me.  She still had her IV in her and we transported her with the IV and x-rays in hand to her regular vet.  Dr. B met me at the door and after reviewing the blood work and the x-rays he concurred with the Emergency Vet's diagnosis.    He would do a blood transfusion and remove her spleen immediately.   Obviously there were no guarantee's she would make even make it through the surgery.  

I left and went to work after being up all night.  I waited and waited and waited for Dr. B to call with news on how the transfusion and surgery went.   It was the longest day of my life.

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