Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scary Night

Chillin in the bed
Laura loves sleeping in the bed for the first few hours of each night and then she retires to her den (the closet) for the rest of the night.   As I was laying in bed with Laura tonight, she kept making weird noises with her mouth, almost like she was thirsty or something.  I thought it was odd but didn't think too much of it because she acted fine otherwise.   She kept doing it off an on for the next 30 minutes.   I decided to get up and check her out, so I turn on the light and look in her mouth.   Her gums were completely white.  It looked very strange to see the inside of her mouth looking so white.  I knew something was terribly wrong.   I got on Google and looked up white gums in dogs.  My heart sank, all I remember is -- anemia, life threatening, get to the vet quickly.

And so I did.  I rushed her to the all night emergency vet where I spent the next few hours with her while they tried to find out what was wrong with my girl.

After a thorough physical examination they drew blood.   The first results came back so low they wanted to do them again to confirm.  The second results confirmed the first results.  Her red blood count was very, very low.   Here platelets only registered 8 (normal range is between 200-500).    The vet said she either had a blood disease or was bleeding internally.    They immediately put her on an IV to give her some liquids.   By this time it's about 2:30 in the morning.  They told me I should go home and that they would run some additional tests and take a full set of x-rays to figure out what was going on.  They said they would call me immediately if her condition deteriorated.   They felt she was stable enough that she would make it through the night.   I was suppose to come back at 7:30 am and take her to her normal vet, Dr. B.

I went home but didn't sleep.  I prayed.

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