Monday, January 10, 2011

Meet Laura

This blog is about my best friend in the world and probably the best dog ever.    This is Laura's story and her fight with Hemangiosarcoma.   Laura is a dog who I fell in love with on Valentine's Day 2002.  I stopped by the Animal Shelter during my lunch break Feb 14, 2002 and saw a playful puppy -- she was obviously a mixed breed, but looked like a Greyhound (DNA testing later showed she was actually 75% Doberman Pinscher and 25% Italian Greyhound).   I knew she had to come home with me.   I had stopped there because I was looking for a playmate for my other dog, Dubya.   Dubya was a purebred beagle puppy who was close to one year old and needed a lifelong companion.   For 10 years Dubya and Laura were inseparable.

Dubya and Laura

Unfortunately, Dubya died right before Christmas 2009 of pancreatic cancer.  His cancer was swift and harsh.  He was fine one day, and then died the next day on the operating table.   Laura was devasted over her brothers death.  She would mope around and was obviously grieving.   I had to do something to cheer her up, so I got her another companion.  A Beagle puppy.  We named him Gipper!  She soon fell in love with him and now Gipper and Laura are best friends.   Laura and Gipper both acted like puppies together.  She absolutely loves him.

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  1. laura please look into humic acid- I know the guy doing it and he told me that basically it will keep cancer from spreading- because the humic acid keeps the cell from mutating-- you still need radiation to kill the already bad cells, but the humic acid will keep new cells from forming-- talk to this guy
    Richard Laub 949-476-9883 he can explain it better-- good luck