Monday, January 31, 2011

First Chemotheraphy Session

I just brought Laura home from her first chemotherapy session and she is doing great.  Eating and acting normal.  What a relief.  I was worried that the chemo would  make her sick.

Before they could administer the chemo drug doxorubicin they had to do blood work on her to make sure she was healthy enough and that she had enough platelets in her blood.   She passed her blood test with flying colors!

From the research I've done, dogs generally handle chemotherapy pretty well.  They handle it much better than humans because the doses are much smaller.   Chemo in dogs isn't meant to completely kill the cancer like in humans, but to slow it down so that it extends their life.   They don't lose their hair!  A bald Laura would have looked awful silly.   I'm giving her a ton of supplements and herbs to help her deal with the side affects of chemo.    But so far, so good. 


  1. My dog has just received her 1st chemo yesterday and she seems tolerated well but just tired. Since she is 17 year old, we decided no surgery prior to chemo. Her HSA is in the liver instead and no signs of met per image. I am praying that I made the right choice in terms of the treatment. I encounter your website while researching for cure and I really appreciate what you have done for your dog and for us owners who have just gone on the journey of fighting this hard to cure cancer.

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